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OEM programs

It is said that a guitar string is only as good as the guitar you put it on., On the other hand, the string you use has a lot do with the guitar’s sound.
They are two completely different manufacturing processes, But when combined together they become one beautiful instrument. Guitar strings without a guitar serve no purpose and a guitar with no strings makes no sound.

Any professional Luthier or guitar manufacturer knows the importance of the guitar string. After sometimes spending months and months on one instrument, Why would one put an inferior set of strings on it ? It just doesn’t make sense. This is why many guitar and bass manufactures have joined our OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) Program.
We at price korea strings are ready to cater to the needs of a guitar builder of any size.
Over the years, we have supplied our strings for hundred of thousands of new guitars by our OEM program. If you are a luthier who builds only a few guitars a year, we have our OEM SELECT program that will fill your needs perfectly.
It enables you to buy small quantities at a good price, & get the same high quality strings that come in our packaged sets.
If you have larger manufacturing company, we can supply very large amounts of strings for strings for a very company, Because we have our own factory, we can manufacture them to you exact specifications.
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