Rose Wood Finger Board            

We supply high-quality Fingerboards (fret boards). 

These can be made out of your choice of three kinds of wood: ebony, 
maple and rosewood. 
Large stocks are always maintained and a reliable worldwide mail 
order service is available. 

กก( Fret Wire Scale List )

If you would like to have a specific design for your fingerboard, we 
can make it on special order. We will execute it according to the 
design that you supply to us. 

If you are ordering a number of Finger Boards, we are able to supply 
them with your own brand carved on each. 

กก( Fret Wire Scale List )

For further information, please contact  Dept." of YUKHWA Co., INC.
44-8 Cheongdam-Dong Gangnam-Gu SEOUL KOREA

82-2-458-5800 / FAX : 82-2-446-0113 Mail To :

Overseas Business Manager Mr. Minseob Choi