Rose Wood Finger Board            Model No.FB-101

FB-101  Rose of Sharon Acrylic
FB-102  Star Acrylic
FB-103  Deformation Acrylic
FB-104  Lotus Flower Acrylic
FB-105  Swallowtail Butterfly Acrylic
FB-106  Butterfly Acrylic
FB-107  Diamond Acrylic
FB-108  Buffalo Acrylic
FB-109  Ellipse Acrylic
FB-110  Cloud Acrylic
FB-111  Crown Acrylic
FB-112  Trapezoid Acrylic
FB-113  Rose Mother of Pearl
FB-114  Hexagonal Mother of Pearl
FB-115  Square Mother of Pearl
FB-116  Bind wood Acrylic
FB-117  Bind wood Acrylic
FB-118  OWN Brand Mother of Pearl
FB-119  Tortoise Acrylic
FB-201  Whirlpool Acrylic
FB-202  Spider Acrylic
FB-203  OX Acrylic
FB-204  Fen Acrylic
FB-205  Ant Acrylic
FB-207  Triangle Acrylic
FB-208  Bird Acrylic
FB-209  Star Acrylic
FB-210  Kangaroo Acrylic
FB-211  Skull Acrylic
FB-212  Nude Acrylic
FB-213  Goddess Acrylic
FB-214  Boomerang Acrylic
- Lumber - Rose Wood
- Position Mark & Material - Rose of Sharon Acrylic
- Binding -  White 
- Note - Own Brand 

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